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‘Local-Is-More’ gift card program


The LIM Gift Card provides locals with a flexible gift card that can be spent at multiple businesses within the Augusta Margaret River Shire. Participation in the program is FREE for MRCCI Members.


Giving our friends, family or colleagues a choice of outlets to purchase from, through a flexible gift card, is a great option when we don’t know what to buy them. We want your money to stay local, support local businesses and local jobs – all of which build a stronger community!


The great news is that getting involved is really simple – Just fill out the ‘Registration of Interest’ form below and one of the MRCCI team members will be in touch to get you signed up!

The Local-Is-More Gift Card is an MRCCI initiative, sponsored by the Augusta Margaret River Shire.

Participation is free for MRCCI members.
Non-MRCCI members will incur a $129 annual fee.

If you’re not a member yet, annual memberships are $300 (plus GST) and we can set you up as we enrol your business in the LIM gift card program.

The ‘Local is More’ Gift Card is an all-year-round program…

hampers & baskets, staff appreciation, valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries … there are so many ways to keep our $$$ local!

get involved!


Can the Gift Cards be used with multiple businesses?2021-11-18T22:57:23+08:00

The amount loaded on the gift card can be used in multiple transactions and could be used by card holder across multiple businesses, e.g. you may like to spend some on a meal at your favourite restaurant and the rest on a gift!

Can the gift cards be loaded again with additional funds?2021-11-18T22:56:53+08:00

The gift cards are unfortunately single use cards, meaning that once the whole initial amount loaded to them has been fully redeemed, the card can no longer be used. The program has been set up to offset the emissions and make these cards carbon neutral.

What is the value loaded on each gift card?2021-11-18T22:56:27+08:00

All the cards initially have a $0 balance on them. At the time of purchase, they are ‘charged up’ with the purchaser’s choice of amount. There will be a minimum amount requirement of $30.

Can the Gift Cards only be used in retail stores?2021-11-18T22:55:54+08:00

The good news is that these Gift Cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa/Mastercards, meaning Retail, Food & Beverage, Accommodation, Tours, Services, Art Galleries and more.

What is the Local is More Gift Card?2021-11-18T22:55:27+08:00

The new ‘Local is More’ Gift Card program is an initiative of the MRCCI and is sponsored by the AMR Shire. It is set up as a closed loop gift card meaning that it can only be redeemed with merchants registered on the program.

Already accept the Local is More Gift Card at your business?

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