Nicola Raimbert believes that good health is a daily practice for which each individual is responsible. As a health practitioner, her role is to guide, facilitate and educate, ultimately empowering clients towards greater health. Her approach to healthcare strives to be holistic and take into consideration all factors that affect health.

Arise Osteopathy provides hands-on manual health care for a wide range of conditions including muscle and joint pain, back pain, neck pain and sciatica, hip, knee and ankle injuries, pregnancy and postnatal care, babies and children, sports and occupational injuries and headaches and jaw pain.

Nicola utilises a comprehensive combination of manual therapy, health education and exercise rehabilitation to relieve pain and restore health. Arise Osteopathy empowers you with the best personalised strategies for leading a healthy and active life so that you can make the most of what our beautiful Margaret River region has to offer.

You can find Arise Osteopathy at 3/28 Station Road, Margaret River.

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