The Margaret River Police would like local businesses to be aware of a simple scam doing the rounds that targets but is not limited to accommodation.

The caller is in possession of a stolen credit card and books a number of nights.

They pay over the phone using the credit card and payment is accepted.

The caller will call back after a period of time (could be an hour or a day or so later) and will explain that there has been “terrible tragedy” in the family – someone usually dies.

They now cannot for that reason use the accommodation and request a refund be made TO A BANK ACCOUNT and not the credit card. Therein lies the deceit as normal practice is to reimburse the card which was used. As refunding money to a different account is against all bank policies, when the fraud is discovered, banks will not cover the loss as policy has not been followed.

Margaret River Police recommends checking out some websites: and also for internet scams and emails etc doing the rounds.