The Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry of WA (RCCIWA) who represent 40 regional Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations (who in turn represent over 9,000 regional businesses) strongly support and champion the Royalties for Regions Legislation and resulting programs. Therefore RCCIWA is very disappointed by the initial comments made by CCIWA in relation to R4R in their recently released Infrastructure Paper as a part of their overarching Vision for WA project.

“Unless you have lived, worked and done business in the regions, it is hard to comprehend just how transformational the Royalties for Regions legislation has been for all regional towns and communities.” CEO of RCCIWA, Kitty Prodonovich stated.

“It is much more than things being built and programmes being delivered, it has created a complete shift in mindset that the needs of regional WA should be prioritised and well planned as those communities are the economic generators of the state. Royalties for Regions has done this and the impact has been profound and will be long lasting.”

Royalties for Regions is the safety net we need to have, to ensure the regions don’t slip back to the bottom of the list. The funding process has a high level of review and monitoring to ensure the best return on investment. Each and every piece of R4R funding must receive cabinet approval, which gives it complete transparency.

The 9,000 businesses that RCCIWA represents also believe that regional WA could be the solution to many of the problems facing the metropolitan area, such as congestions, population growth and lack of affordable housing. By ensuring our regional towns and cities are strong, supported, dynamic and diverse we are providing even more incentives for people to choose to live, work and play in the regions.

“Royalties for Regions has empowered regional towns and cities to work collaboratively, plan strategically and achieve great community outcomes which in turn supports the economic generators that drive the whole state.”