Welcome to the Chamber: BIAS WA / Cartec Training Solutions

Contact information: 0458 028 171  mhardy@biaswa.com.au

Questions: MRCCI

Answers: Maarten Hardy

MRCCI: Tell us in a nutshell what your business is:

Maarten Hardy: Helping to polish business owners skills so they can have profitable, efficient small business that run even when they are not there. Some business owners are too busy to do what they should be doing and need to be kept accountable while others have never learnt the key skill.  BIAS works one on one with business owners to mentor and train them in the seven key skills needed to run a small business in today’s economy. The other two arms of the business are the registered training organisation, which trains staff in nationally recognised qualifications in the workplace using government funding and conducting free safety audits to advise what if any safety requirements are missing and what to do about it using the ThinkSafe Small Business government program.

MRCCI: How did you get into this line of work?:

Maarten Hardy: Having run my own small businesses I realised I was not alone in not knowing what to do or how to do things better. In my early days of business ownership, 20 years ago, there were no such things as mentors, coaches, government help. So having worked in WA and Qld, I used my own experiences, studied what made successful small business and designed a mentoring program that suits a small business owner. The training organisation and Business Improvement Business were natural progressions and goals I had. BIAS now  provides a link to government assistance in business improvement for business owners and their team. I am passionate about showing business owners better ways of running businesses and helping to train them and their staff in better business processes

MRCCI: What is the best part of your work?:

Maarten Hardy: Being able to show from my own experience how to turn a problem into a solution. Seeing the aha moment when a business owner or employee understands how to improve their performance. Spending time showing and explaining how to improve results is one of the greatest rewards a trainer/mentor/coach can have and I love showing how to improve sales, financials, marketing, HR and other key components of a small business.

MRCCI: If you weren’t doing this, what else would you be doing?

Maarten Hardy: Building my team of trainers and mentors. I will always be involved in small business and as they say, do what you love so you love what you do. I truly love what I do.

Message from BIAS WA:

Improving your staffs skills is one of the best ways to improve productivity and performance in your business. Your local MRCCI member, Cartec Training Solutions / BIAS WA, can provide government funded training in a number of areas such as hospitality, retail, business, management and  OH&S.

If you want to see what has changed with qualification training and training companies, ( there are more than just TAFE’s to choose from now), give Maarten Hardy 0458 028 171 a call to see why local businesses are using their own workplace for their own staff for their customised training.

Maarten will bring the coffee, so have a chat, see if it fits your needs and how it may improve your teams skills, knowledge and performance.