Welcome to our new member- Forrest Personnel. Located in Meeka House, Bussell Highway.

Forrest Personnel is a not-for-profit agency with contracts from the Federal Government to find jobs for unemployed persons either on Centrelink payments or disability payments. Most of their clients have or have had a disability, illness or injury, of physical or mental health origin, but have been assessed as fit to work and are expected to work for a certain number of hours per week. That’s where Forrest Personnel comes in…

  • Questions: MRCCI
  • Answers: Michael O’Connor

MRCCI: How can members get involved with Forrest Personnel?

Michael O’Connor: Some members will have employees who have been, or are still with Forrest Personnel. We would hope that more employers will take the opportunity to use local people who may need a fair go to get back into the workforce and get off centrelink or disability payments. Most of our clients are job ready and can work at least part time.


MRCCI: What are the benefits?:

Michael O’Connor: One of the benefits of having a FP client is that they all live locally; are not involved in fly in – fly out employment, nor are they short term backpackers, so most of them are not going anywhere. There is no cost to employers as this is part of our contractual obligations with the Commonwealth. To assist employers cover part of the cost of initial induction and training we can pay a wage subsidy to employers for the first 3 or 6 months of employment.


MRCCI: The best part of the work?:

Michael O’Connor: It is gratifying to see the change in clients who are given the opportunity to get back into a job, improve their lifestyle and regain their self esteem.


MRCCI: How did you get into this line of work?

Michael O’Connor: In my previous life in Perth I was an Employee Relations Consultant with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Perth and I handled the industrial Relations affairs for organisations like Forrest Personnel which was a client for many years. When a vacancy occurred in Margaret River after we moved here, my wife said, “I’ll look after the Vineyard” so I was fortunate to obtain the position of employment consultant. It’s a challenging but rewarding role!