Welcome to the Chamber: Everyday Potted Plants

Questions: MRCCI

Answers: Craig Smith

MRCCI: Walk us through a typical day

Craig Smith: Check messages, write up To Do list and get on with the day. We never know what will come our way as each day is different. Sometimes challenging and other days just cruising.

MRCCI: What is your best seller?

Craig Smith: Native plants are our best sellers

MRCCI: What do you think is the 3 most important things to be successful in your business?

Craig Smith: Fitness, Health and happiness

MRCCI: What is your most memorable experience in your business to date?

Craig Smith: My most memorable experience in my business was when I organised an open garden day here on the property to promote my business. I had devonshire Teas, Clydesdale Horse and Carriage rides and lots of plants to sell. People loved it and left the property happy.


Check out Everyday Potted Plants new website: http://www.everydaypottedplants.com.au/

Everyday Potted Plants is recognized for the supply of plants to Busselton Shire council to improve the Dunsborough foreshore.