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The Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been working on an exciting new initiative set to benefit the Margaret River Community like never before. With nearly one year in the making, the MRCCI main street free public Wi-Fi network project is as good as shovel-ready.

Supplying access to free Wi-Fi along the Margaret River main street will not only benefit the community on an individual and regional business level, but will also increase the town’s global competitiveness in tourism, the sector that virtually all businesses in the region are involved with.

This project is generated, managed and soon to be implemented by the Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI), and highlights the Chamber’s understanding of the community benefits associated with supplying free wireless broadband internet (Wi-Fi) along the main street of Margaret River.

President of the MRCCI, local business owner and technological expert, Peter Griffyn, says that every person with a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop computer won’t say no to free public WiFi, especially when the planned network uses some of the fastest, most secure and advanced Wi-Fi technology on the market.

“Why would anyone use their own mobile data plan to pay for internet access when it is available for free?” says Mr Griffyn.

This project is a first-of-its-kind and the MRCCI wants the Margaret River region to benefit from being the innovators of this initiative.

As the MRCCI is a not-for-profit association that is purely membership-driven, a ‘crowd funding model’ is being used to raise the necessary $300,000 required for the network to be implemented.

Crowd funding is a model that allows for businesses and individuals to express their interest in the project by pre-ordering MRCCI membership plans which have been tailored to include Wi-Fi specific advertising benefits.

Membership pre-orders will be available for the next two months and once budget targets are made, orders will be processed.

However, if the financial targets are not made to enable the project, the MRCCI must look into combined crowd funding and traditional funding alternatives to keep the project alive.

Pre-ordering of memberships is a great way for local businesses to get on board without the financial risk, whilst supporting a fantastic and rewarding initiative.

The MRCCI believes that ‘crowd funding’ is the best way to prove that the leading local business community believes that free town Wi-Fi will provide an outstanding attraction for Australian and international visitors, not-to-mention the local community.

Businesses, organisations and existing members are welcome to pre-order their membership plan, with new pricing plans ranging from $330 – $80,000 per year.

With a technological boom within our culture, the MRCCI wants to offer members the opportunity to take advantage of this by offering strategic tech-promotional benefits and hyper-local marketing features within their membership plans.

“Digital marketing, and more specifically, hyper-local digital marketing via the channel of free public Wi-Fi is as essential a marketing medium for business, as it is having a print ad in the local business directory or newspapers,” Says Mr Griffyn.

Members will be receiving the most comprehensive Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership around, with plans including between 1,825 – 147,825 Wi-Fi display advertisements per year at a rate of $0.18 per advertisement, with the added service of advertisement creation by the MRCCI.

The MRCCI also guarantees complete Wi-Fi marketing campaign transparency through member access to monthly Display Advertisement Reports.
The MRCCI believes that as the traditional media channels are funded by the local business community, the MRCCI membership-driven funding of the Wi-Fi zone is in line with conventional business models.

“Any business that thinks they will not benefit from Wi-Fi marketing in the main street by becoming a member of the MRCCI is the same as thinking that they won’t benefit having an advertisement in the local business directory, television or newspapers,” says Mr Griffyn.

Support this exciting new project and your local community by becoming a member of the Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry or pre-ordering a membership plan.

Membership Pre-orders are now open until the 14th of July. Order forms are available through the MRCCI’s website www-mrcci-com-au-www-mrcci-com-au.www.mrcci.com.au and via email.

A free information session will be held in early June, detailing local community benefits, how the new Wi-Fi affects you and how you can become involved.

For further information on the project, membership or pre-orders please contact the MRCCI at president@mrcci.com.au

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