We recently caught up with MRCCI Members, Steve and Sonya Bolesta from Backyard Creations, to hear how their business and their team are adapting to the current health and economic crisis in our region. They shared some great insights:


How has your industry been affected?

“Within our industry, we have noticed a slowing of construction enquiries and less demand for maintenance works, including reduced regular hours or projects being placed on hold. However, we have been liaising with other industry members and it appears that being regionally based, the impacts have been less on businesses like ours, compared to those in the city. We’ve heard that there is more fear in the city due to the higher number of COVID-19 cases and greater density of population. There is also more competition in the city, so when the economy contracts there are a higher number of businesses immediately suffering.”


How has your business adapted to the impacts on your industry?

“Backyard Creations is continuing to deliver a high standard to those clients who are using our services or are thinking of working with us. We’re ensuring that people are aware of the breadth of services we offer, including the equipment and machinery we have – letting people know we’re available to assist with projects that they may currently be undertaking themselves.”


Have you changed the way you operate or how you offer your goods or services?

“The changes we have made are purely based on good hygiene practises and the current legal requirements around social distancing. Our team has been briefed on extra hygiene measures which can be further expanded should a client require it, and we’ve put in place physical distancing precautions including a maximum of two people per vehicle. Also if clients are unable to travel for onsite meetings, we have been able to have meetings via video and we’re utilising landscape designs to keep projects moving.”


What are you working on now – keeping things the same, or introducing something new?

“We are ensuring the clients who are continuing to support us are well serviced, and that our employees have consistent work. However, Winter can always be more challenging!”


You can contact Steve and Sonya to find out more about their business and what they have to offer. They added: “Contact us if you have requirements or requests in relation to any landscaping or gardening works. With years of experience, you can trust that Backyard Creations, or one of our preferred local contractors or suppliers, will ensure that your project is done right the first time.”

Steve Bolesta – 0415 399 315

Office – 08 9757 9048