The MRCCI is thrilled to reveal that we will be running a front cover wrap with the AMR Mail in May. Chamber members are invited to participate.

Members can advertise within the front cover wrap from $82!

The purpose of the wrap is to showcase local businesses, promote the importance of shopping local and to inspire more local businesses to join the Chamber. There will be a 50/50 content to advertising ratio. We would like the advertisers to be exclusively members. This is why members are getting the first priority for these prime location advertising spots. The MRCCI front cover wrap is a great chance to gain superb exposure in the local paper at a very reasonable price and will let the local community know that members support the local Chamber. You can use your ad placement however you like!

Advertising sizes and costs are as follows:

10cm height x 2 columns width (7.1cm) $82.00
10cm height x 3 columns width10.9cm) $120.00
15cm height x 3 columns width (10.9cm) $205.75
19cm height x 4 columns width (14.7cm) $317.40
Half Page $450.00

The deadline to confirm participation is May 8th. Please email the Chamber at