About a third of the MRCCI membership came from their respective Margaret River businesses for an ‘After 5’ networking sundowner at Darby Park.

The evening commenced in the Darby Park reception ‘games room’ for a glass of wine as all arrived.

Darby Park Margaret River manager Vanessa Thomson welcomed the collective group of local Margaret River business owners for the networking evening. Vanessa set the tone by mentioning the value of business referrals in Margaret River. Darby Park and fellow Margaret River accommodation providers are often the first point of contact for visitors. This makes the Margaret River accommodation industry vital in recommending and directing visitors to other local businesses. Thank you to Vanessa for acknowledging this opportunity and playing a valuable role in the Margaret River business community.

MRCCI president Pauline McLeod welcomed new chamber members before giving Vanessa the all clear to lead the group into the Full Access Studio apartment overlooking the swimming pool for the second part of the evening.

Networking game-maker Roz Cummings of Down South Camping and Outdoors saw to it that everyone mingled. No excuses allowed! Roz and her lovely assistant Marilyn Smith of Iris Naturopathic Clinic collected a single business card from everyone present. Business cards were then drawn in twos and their owners paired up accordingly for the fun but forced networking! Roz orchestrated several games in which the random pairing allowed members to speak with someone new and start building business relationships. No Margaret River business representatives were physically or mentally harmed during this ‘After 5’ networking evening!! Congratulations to Jenny Griffyn from Webio and Michael O’Connor from Forrest Personnel who won the bottles of wine and chance to prove they were listening during the networking games as they spoke about their respective partner to the entire group. Thanks for running an amusing networking session Roz & Marilyn.

The next ‘After 5’ networking evening is scheduled for May 23rd. If you would like to host a networking evening this year, please contact executive officer Keely Robertson on admin@mrcci.com.au