MRCCI are serious when we say that the Margaret River Region needs NBN Co fixed-line fibre running through it’s communities.

Why? It’s all about UPLOADING. Slow uploads mean slow productivity when doing business via the internet.

The faster the upload speed, the quicker our regional teleworkers, digital agencies, online retailers, creatives and local businesses get their work finished – and the more the idea of a National Digital Economy will become a reality for Regional Australia.

The Coalition said this pre-election;

Our goal is for every household and business to have access to broadband with a download data rate of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by late 2016. Downloads average less than five megabits per second at present. Suburbs, regions, towns and business districts with the poorest services and greatest need for upgrades will receive first priority.

We are holding the Coalition to their word, and to date they have acted in accordance with their promise. The Department of Communications produced the ‘Broadband Availability and Quality Report’ for the purpose of providing an analysis to describe broadband access across Australia and identify areas with poor broadband services; to then give that report to NBN Co which is required to consider those areas with a low rating when prioritising the NBN rollout.

Margaret River, a ‘Royalties For Regions’ Super Town, a national and world renowned tourist destination, has the lowest quality broadband rating available and the MRCCI want firm confirmation of where Margaret River sits on the NBN Co’s priority list for the Government’s NBN plan of a Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) of fibre and wireless access services.

So, rather than just sit around and talk about wanting NBN Prioritisation because we are overcharged and underserved by Telstra and other ISPs, the Margaret River business community decided to take action and produce the proof of the low quality broadband access by conducting broadband speed tests.

Now this April, the MRCCI will call on businesses, residents and visitors to vote for NBN Prioritisation for the Margaret River Region at, and while we’re all at it, vote to put an end to the mobile network black spots in our region also as it is a crucial factor in broadband access.

When we have the results of the polls, combined with the speed tests and evidence that our community is technically underserved by Telstra as they do not provide enough ADSL ports due of the promise of the NBN, the MRCCI will petition every stakeholder in our town, state and country to ensure NBN Co fast tracks Margaret River’s NBN Priority.

So if you read this far, please go and vote at and ask everyone you know on Facebook to do the same.