Discussion on possibilities of upcycling and live demonstrations on how it can be done with with two creatives who incorporate it into what they do.

Wednesday 11th March | 12:30pm – 4pm | Margaret River Organic Gardens

UP-CYCLED is a workshop formulated to get you thinking about what you & better yet, other people throw away and how making a difference in reducing the junk pile going to the tip can be art. And it could be your art. There are no rules in how to Up-cycle. Old skateboard decks can be bookshelves. An old bar stool can be reborn. Computer casings can be a blank canvas with a statement. Juice jars with a lick of spray paint could be a vase for flowers or garden herbs. The approach & attitude of the up-cycled mind can be fun and challenging.

You don’t have to worry about changing the world and this is no hippie lecture without a presentable solution. It’s about being slightly pissed off at the situation we are in with consumerism and how to do something about it. The organic gardens in Margaret River provides the perfect ambiance to have a discussion about what’s possible and easy for the everyday individual to up-cycle something while also demonstrating that talk with live up-cycle creations by photographer, Jean-Paul Horré and illustrator Dune Hagger. The idea is if we collectively act to reduce what goes in the tip, we make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint, make a statement in a time of uncontrollable consumerism, and promote others to join in.

Anyone interested in upcycling, creating something new from what’s no longer needed or looking for new ideas for creative mediums are encouraged to attend.

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