Red Rock Storage
Contact Information
7 Brindley St, Augusta, WA 6290

Red Rock Storage is a storage facility which is located in the Light Industrial Area (LIA) in Augusta. Units are 10m long x 3m wide. They are suitable for household, trades, small car and boat storage.

Storage units are managed by John Stott (Director) and Anthony Gillam (Property Manager at Augusta First National Real Estate). To view our storage units, please contact Anthony via email at or phone 08 97581667

The units are perfect for narrow and small cars (even up to a 4wd Dual Cab size), trades or household or furniture storage. This is also fit for a small  caravan or dinghy boat.  One unit is currently available which has a block and tackle. They are 9.7m in length  x 3 m in width. The door height is 2.7m though inside roof height is much higher inside the storage unit. Its graduated INTERNAL ROOF height is 3.85m.

Please note  door width is 2.57m though internal unit width is wider at 3m.  You will be provided with a roller door key and have the ability to overlock your unit with your own padlock too.