Organic Garden Trail
Contact Information
415 Harman's Mill Rd, Metricup WA 6280

You are invited to explore the very different gardens on the Organic Garden Trail.
Find out what they grow, how they grow it and why they grow it.

Their gardens are an interesting mix of Biodynamic, Organic and Permaculture practices that will indulge your senses and hopefully inspire you to experiment at home.

Most sites are linked to other concepts such as food, wine, well-being, education, spirituality or community.  The gardens are suitable for people of any age.

Entry is by donation and sometimes free.  Some do offer specialised guided tours by arrangement and for a reasonable charge.  You can choose your own itinerary and decide to visit one, a few or a number of our gardens.

They welcome individuals and groups.  Self-organised school excursions are also welcome.