Margaret River Free Range Eggs
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With stocking density of 2500 hens/hectare on rotated yards, Margaret River Free Range Eggs meets all internationally recognised free range egg standards ie RSPCA, UKRSPCA, NZRSPCA, EC, Humane Society etc.
It is important to them that their hens, their girls, their €œlivestock€ are treated well and have opportunity and space every day to run, jump €¦and maybe even attempt to fly. They believe that the hens welfare does not need to be compromised in order for the community to be provided with a fantastic natural product and their family with an income. Thank you girls!
A good farmer takes the time to stop and scrutinise their livestock and Jan enjoys stopping to inspect the hens going about their business.
They are rarely still during the day, going from one activity to another. They will take their turn or time laying their egg (hopefully in the nests provided!), then have a drink or a feed, perhaps a dust bath before running outside for a scrounge and a pick, or just a rest in the sun.