Frequency of Light
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Clare & Malakai are a husband-and-wife team, who are best friends that share a common goal. They have created ‘Frequency of Light’; a Holistic Hub located in Margaret River; A Place to Just Be!… a place that holds space and guides individuals back to wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing!!! Clare knows this only too well with her own unique healing journey.

‘Frequency of Light’ believes no one heals you but you, if you give your body the right environment, it naturally wants to do the right thing by you, which is heal and rejuvenate. ‘The Power that made the Body…. Heals the Body’ Dr Sandra Rose Michael Clare & Malakai’s purpose in life is to help others on their path, it makes their hearts burst with love and joy witnessing results in individuals journey back to optimum performance, achieving higher states of self-actualisation, expanded consciousness and wellness.

Working hands-on with Universal Energy; – Reiki/Energy Healing – Ancient Sound Therapy – Intuitive Massage Combined with cutting edge technologies; – Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) – Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Clare & Malakai are committed to helping individuals to connect with their own life purpose and finding inner-fulfilment through various holistic health practices / modalities, bringing individuals back to complete balancing in Mind, Body & Spirit.