The organisation formerly known as Cape to Cape Catchments Group (CCG) unveiled its new name and branding to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at Voyager Estate this month, and the Margaret River Chamber was delighted to be at the celebration. MRCCI President, Steven Castan, is also on the Board of Nature Conservation Margaret River Region, recognising that a healthy natural environment is vital to the success of the region.

From 1 June CCG will be known as Nature Conservation and adopt a stylish new logo that emphatically positions it as a Margaret River region organisation. The new name and branding are just some of the major changes made in recent months. These include new appointments to the Board of Directors, changes to the Constitution and a commitment to promoting greater community involvement in conservation matters.

In unveiling the new branding Director Stuart Hicks presented selected features from the attractive new Nature Conservation website that goes live on 1 June. This includes a strong appeal for tax-deductible donations to supplement the ever-diminishing funding for the environment from government sources.

Nature Conservation is also making a strong push to recruit more volunteers to assist the organisation in its ongoing efforts to protect the regional environment.

Professor Carmen Lawrence, the former Premier of WA, and current Nature Conservation Board Member gave a short address in which she highlighted the increasing threats to the fragile ecosystems in the area from the ever-expanding population and visitor numbers.

This theme was further developed by Dr Boyd Wykes, the Chair of Nature Conservation who noted, “The biggest threat to the regional environment is the mistaken and quite widespread belief that somebody else is responsible for looking after it.”

Dr Wykes said Nature Conservation was committed to a more systematic approach to getting the community involved in looking after the environment and he was confident this would be welcomed by residents of the region.