The MRCCI is the pillar and voice of the Margaret River region business community.

For over 15 years we’ve been supporting businesses on an individual level while strategically enhancing the viability of the region for all.

We’re unashamedly pro-Australia’s South West and our Chamber is as vibrant and diverse as the district we proudly represent.

Driven by the needs of our members, and led by an Executive Committee as voted by our members, we offer all businesses across every sector invaluable support and guidance.

We seek to:

  • Promote businesses with access to multiple marketing opportunities.
  • Build capacity within businesses with access to on-demand expert advice, information and training.
  • Connect businesses with member only invitations to dozens of networking events each year.
  • Advocate for businesses with Chamber representation at local and State-wide stakeholder meetings and forums.
  • Recognise the achievements of local businesses at the MRCCI’s prestigious Annual Business Awards.

In addition to supporting individual businesses, the MRCCI strives to improve the economic viability, well-being and sustainability of the region.

We aim to:

  1. Play a leading role in formulating strategic plans and policies for economic development and sustainable growth of business and industry in the region;
  2. Promote the Margaret River region as a location for the development of new business and industry to bring additional investment, ideas, expertise and employment to the benefit of the community;
  3. Fully and fairly represent the business interests of the community when liaising with, or lobbying, key public and private sector organisations in relation to matters of concern for the development of business and industry in the region;
  4. Promote strategic partnerships and networking between groups and individual businesses in the region in order to share expertise and promote business interaction;
  5. Promote and support activities and schemes that develop a greater awareness and understanding of businesses and industries in the region;
  6. Assist businesses in finding relevant information and training resources from local, regional and national sources;
  7. Promote and support activities and schemes that will help businesses in the region operate more effectively and efficiently.

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