Welcome to the Chamber: All West Building Approvals Pty Ltd -2 directors Kim Luciano & Paul Finucane.

Questions: MRCCI
Answers: Kim Luciano 
MRCCI: Walk us through a normal day
Kim Luciano: A normal day consists of meeting clients going through their individual requirements to obtain approvals, site inspections before , during and after projects are underway,assessing plans and providing relevant documentation to gain timely approval.
MRCCI: How did you get into this industry?
Kim Luciano: Have been a building surveyor with Local authorities for over 20 years and decided to go private to provide better service re approvals.
MRCCI: What are the three most important things to be successful in your business?
Kim Luciano: Being able to provide client an approval time for a fixed fee, listen to clients needs and be flexible to assist with approvals process.
MRCCI: What is your most memorable experience in your business to date?
Kim Luciano:Helping clients achieve there goals by getting approvals in place then watching as construction commences.
Kim Luciano: 0439 404 432